A Super Bible School Activity For Preschoolers For Psalm 119

gods lawsHave you ever let your own preschoolers play with flashlights, It could be a very fun activity, especially when combined with Word of God. Psalm 119: 105 says this: “Your Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.” Here is a fun Bible school exercise you can play with your little ones known as “Happy Lights.”

Here’s what you do:
For this particular activity you will need a flashlight for each child or at least one for each and every 2 children so that they can share. Before class, cover the ends of every flashlight with a piece of construction document out of which you’ve cut the happy face. Include a grin, two eyes and a nose. Tape the papers to the flashlights. You are now ready to play this exercise.

Introduce Psalm 119: 105 within the following way: Boys plus girls, raise your hands if you ever obtain scared of the dark. (Wait regarding response. ) I get frightened of the dark too. I like in the light much better! I think God loves the light better too. Here’s the Bible verse that tells exactly how God’s Word, the Bible, is similar to a light and a lamp. Listen as to what it says: Your Word is really a lamp to my feet and a gentle to my path. â€? Now let’s say Request it together. I’ll say some word first and after that you repeat after me. (Say a couple of words and let the children do it again after you. ) Can anybody point out some lights in our room, (Wait for response. ) Good work! Lights are important. They help all of us see where to go and keep us through bumping into things so that we all don’t get hurt. God’s Word, the Bible, is like a light. It also shows us where to go plus keeps us safe if we perform what God tells us to do. God’s Word should make us happy just like this happy light We are holding. (Show the children your joyful face flashlight. ) When we all love God and obey Him we will be happy. Here is a torch for each of you to hold. (Explain how to turn it on and off. ) Now, I am going to turn the lights away in our room. But before I actually do, everyone turn your flashlights upon. (Turn the lights off within your room. ) Wow! Would a person look at how bright our space is, It’s beautiful. Now, glow your lights up on the wall. Do you see the happy faces, They’re all over! Now, we’re going to perform a little game with our flashlight. I will say an object in the room. For example, I might say “the clock.” I would like everyone to shine their lighting on the clock. We will then state our Bible verse together.

At this point, choose an object within your room the children can point to. Then have the children repeat the passage after you. Do this several times selecting a new object each time. At the final, you might sing the song “This Little Light of Mine” and have the children dance around the area.

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