Adult Bible Study Curriculum

prayer for a miralceIf you have been teaching Adult Bible Study Curriculum for very long you know that they usually have a specific calendar and there is not much wiggle room in it. While this is helpful at times it seems there are far more moments where this rigidity is purely troublesome. For example, the holiday season is coming up with Thanksgiving and Christmas and all the joy and reflection that they bring. But it is quite possible that there will be no lessons that fall around these holidays nor will there be any open weeks for you to put one in. This is where you need to be willing to shake things up a little bit. Of course change for the sake of change can do more damage then good so here is a little bit of wisdom to guide you in this process.

1. Go to a higher power- Yes pray about this situation but also go to the person in charge. If you are in charge of the Adult Bible Study Curriculum then this should be easy. Be brave and just change the calendar. If you are a teacher though you need to find the person in charge and respectfully bounce your idea off of them. They will probably have lots of questions but should be fairly receptive. Even if they are not it is still very important that you respect their authority and the leadership that is in place in your church.

2. Look for a good spot in the calendar- Any package of lessons usually comes with a calendar or a scope and sequence. This is what lists out all the lessons. See if there is a lesson that can be dropped. This could be a lesson that is weaker. It could also be one that seems to repeat a concept that has already been covered. Another option is to find one that is not relevant to your class or might be over their heads. There are various things that might make a lesson the right one to remove but you do need to find one to take out. This way you create the hole that is needed for your stand alone lesson.

3. Find the right holiday lesson- You probably did not write the Adult Bible Study Curriculum and unless you feel you are a gifted writer I do not suggest writing this stand alone lesson. Go to your local bookstore or look online and find a creative and engaging lesson that fists the particular holiday that is approaching.

The Holidays are a wonderful time of year but they also create wonderful teaching opportunities. I hope you will take these steps to heart and work towards adding in a couple of stand alone lessons this holiday season.

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