Can A Bible Believing Christian Believe In Evolution,

online bibleIt has become increasingly common in the Christian local community today for people to claim that they believe in what the Bible has to say about creation and also rely on the theory of Evolution. It sony ericsson…

It is becoming increasingly common within the Christian community today for people in order to claim that they believe in what the Bible has to say about creation as well as believe in the theory of Evolution. It seems as though many people feel that development is a “fact” rather than a theory also they feel pressed to try to overcome belief in both God and advancement. Many people will ask “Why couldn’t God have just created things with ability to evolve and then let it go from there,” While this question may keep weight among other faiths, all those claiming to believe in the Bible cannot accept such a proposal.

Let all of us start by defining our terms. When we are speaking about the theory of advancement we are referring to the idea that one type of animal can evolve into a various kind of animal over time as a result of ver?nderung and adaptation. Unfortunately we see no such thing in the world today. We observe each kind of animal generating the same kind. Many try to declare we can not observe this since it takes so much time to evolve in one kind to another kind, however this particular simply makes proving such a concept impossible. In order to demonstrate something we need to be able to test, do it again, and also observe it.

Now once we look around us we can see that pets certainly do evolve to some extent, yet always within their kind. For instance, we see many types of dogs for example Great Danes and Chihuahuas. However, they are all still dogs. This kind of “micro-evolution” is observable, testable, repeatable and is an established fact. Making the particular jump from micro-evolution to macro-evolution is where the true error lies, in fact it is why it is still called the “THEORY of evolution.”

With that said, we can also turn to the Bible and see that God has created animals to “bring forth after their kind” just like Genesis chapter 1 verse 24 states. It is for this extremely reason that anyone claiming to trust in the Bible can not possibly acknowledge the theory of evolution. The Bible knows nothing of evolution in one kind of animal to another, and in truth the Bible holds true to the fact we observe around us simply by stating clearly that each animal brings forth after its kind.

The most ironic thing about this subject is the fact that the entire reason for the existence of the idea of evolution is an attempt to clarify the origin of life without God. Therefore to attempt to combine the two is completely contradictory and vain. With the way in which so many people today push evolution since fact it can be understandable how Christians might feel pressured to believe this in order to not seem like crazy individuals. However, it must be recognized that the concept of evolution is no where close to being proven as fact, and for that reason sticking with belief in observable fact should not be looked at as such a bad point.
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