Did You Catch That,

being a christianImagine for a second taking a household trip throughout the Milky Way. Traveling on the pace of sunshine the journey would take proper round 125,000 years. Think about that. At 186,261 miles per hour it could take an unbelievable period of time to make the trek and but the Milky Way is just one out of hundreds of thousands of galaxies within the universe. Our human minds can’t come near comprehending the vastness of creation.

Think concerning the solar shining down on you and me warming the earth. If we might in some way harness its vitality and convert it to horsepower, scientists estimate that it could be the equal of 500 million, million, billion horsepower. That’s lots of ponies! Can we even start to understand energy of such magnitude, To prime it off, the solar is just one of hundreds of thousands of stars in house and it is a small one at that.

The earth is 25,000 miles round and weighs round six septillion 588 sextillion tons. Yet it floats in house suspended on nothing spinning in circles at a thousand miles per hour. At the identical time it’s also touring a really exact sample across the solar at a thousand miles per second in an orbit over 5 hundred million miles lengthy.

With the above phrases in thoughts, please take a couple of moments to contemplate the phrases of the Psalmist in Psalm 19.

“The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows His handiwork.”

Handiwork, Did you catch that, The vastness of this universe with all of its mind-blowing complexities known as the handiwork of God. The Bible does not seek advice from it because the strenuous work of God. It does not method that it was an enormous problem for God to place it in place and to maintain it there. It calls it His handiwork. Billions and billions of miles, full of hundreds of thousands upon hundreds of thousands of stars, photo voltaic methods, and planets like our personal, known as the handiwork of God.

In Psalm 139, the Psalmist says one thing like this, “God it doesn’t matter where I go. You’re already there. At every place at every moment in time, at the highest highs and the lowest lows, You are there.”

The subsequent time you stare up on the night time sky, let the fantastic thing about the moon and the celebrities remind you of the greatness of God who shows His glory and handiwork in creation. Also keep in mind that irrespective of the place you’re, there He is. He is at all times with you. He won’t ever depart you nor forsake you. He has His eyes on you each step of the best way.

This identical fantastic creator is at all times watching you. He has His eyes on you at each step alongside your journey. He is not watching you within the hope of catching doing one thing mistaken. He is not watching you within the hope of catching you in some sin. The considered Him watching you isn’t meant to scare you to maintain you towing the road. That’s not it in any respect.

Father is at all times watching you as a result of He loves you so very a lot that He cannot take His eyes off of you, not even for a second.

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