Feeling The Presence Of God

gods lawsDid you ever feel that God is so far away from you that will believing in him is no longer useful, Does it sometimes seem that the prayers get no farther compared to ceiling, It is normal to get peaks and valleys in your spiritual life, but to have stability; you must learn how to feel his presence. How can he control your daily life, how can you really be his daughter or son, if you can’t feel his presence,

How can he control our thoughts and actions if we are unaware of his presence, The answer of course is that he cannot. He controls us to the extent that we are aware his presence. Those controlled by the sinful nature cannot please God. You, but are not controlled by the sinful nature but by the Spirit, if the Spirit of God lives in you (Romans’ 8: 8-9). Feeling the presence of the Lord is vital. It is his method of communicating his love to us.

The indwelling Spirit of the Lord does not physically touch our bodies, but we can feel him with our hearts. Besides physical touch, feeling may be the overall quality of one’s awareness, conscious recognition, sense, opinion, belief, and capacity to respond emotionally. Having the Biblical knowledge that deity is inside us, we can feel deeply in our heart that he has been us. His fruit in our life described in Galatians 5: 22-26 is proof that he is indeed present.

How is feeling God’s presence possible, Remember how that he sent his son to die for the sins, He died in your house! If you are a Christian, the Spirit of God and Christ are living in you! Can’t you are feeling their loving care,

You feel God’s presence by learning about him in his book, the Bible. You take it personally when you find out about the suffering of his people, the perfect life his son lived. You can mentally sense the pain he felt when that he was miss-treated, the agony of the cross, because this was all done for you.

You feel God’s presence by filling your mind along with his commands and principles given one to live by. Each time you’re tempted to sin, you must have the presence of God controlling your thought process, or you will give in to your lustful desires. First John 3: 9 tells us that those born of God can’t sin. If he is controlling our thoughts and actions, we cannot sin. When we listen to self rather than God we can and do sin.

You cannot feel close to him and be aware of his presence unless you talk to him. You cannot be near anyone without expressing your feelings to them. When you pour out your heart to him about, what is bothering you, he offers you a feeling that everything is going to be OK. Prayer brings peace and spiritual strength.

We don’t have to wait for the Lord to reveal himself to us in some show of power like he did in the Old Testament. Today, the Lord’s temple is the body of Christians. Since he is living inside us, he is always with us. Have you ever been alone in an area and yet felt someone was with you, God is always with you. You just need to be aware of his presence.

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