Go Beyond Just Telling The Christmas Story!

What’s the Issue,

god pleaseLet’s face it, your children have heard the Christmas Bible story in your children’s church classes or Sunday school lessons for a long time. Yes it’s awesome to get guests during the holidays, but chances are, actually non- church kids are fairly familiar with the Christmas story as well.

How do you keep kid’s interest especially when they are wired this time of year, If you have taught for any length of time in any way you know what I am talking about. If it isn’t the idea of opening gifts or being removed from school; it’s the overload of biscuits and candy that keep them juiced!

On top of all this, a person try to engage them in a tale they have heard before, maybe often. Yes, it’s tough for an instructor to keep kids focused during the vacations!

Don’t Settle for Just Telling the Story!

Let’s move a level deeper than just telling the particular Christmas story in children’s cathedral one more time. Now don’t get me incorrect here… the Christmas story is essential to tell, no doubt. But, don’t cease there! There are so many rich apps for your kids on the journey in order to Bethlehem and beyond.

Let’s take a look at a Few Applications

– Mary’s total submission and obedience in order to God’s divine will in the girl life even when she was frightened, confused, and in shock. She generally said – whatever you say God, bring it on… let’s do it!
– Joseph’s obedience to God’s will even when his heart was damaged, hurt and felt betrayed! He didn’t understand all that was occurring but He gave Mary the advantage of the doubt and believed the very best! He acted in love, have confidence in and compassion – choosing in order to cling to God and Mary when he could have easily baled.
– God chose to bring the Good News of Jesus’ birth to some group of lowly shepherds out during a call instead of to the pious, self-righteous, spiritual leaders of that day. Yes, God is not a respecter of people and the Good News is for everybody!
– The wise men adopted a star and their coronary heart letting nothing get in their strategies their quest to worship the particular newborn king! Yes, Jesus will be worthy of our daily worship, presents, energy and resources!
– The wise men and Joseph were each open to instructions and direction through God. They acted swiftly minus question as God forewarned within dreams of events to come. Yes, we should always listen and be willing to stream with God’s instruction and path in our lives.

These are just several of the applications we can draw from the Christmas story. I am sure you could find many more as you pray and get ready for your children’s church lessons.

Make a Difference this Year

This year in your children’s church or even Sunday school lessons give your children some insight that they can take home plus apply. Instead of just during a lesson, seize the opportunity simply by praying and asking the Holy Spirit to prepare their hearts for that deeper truths of the Christmas tale.

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