Healed From Cancer Through The Power Of Jesus

Praise our creator, there is victory in the Name associated with Jesus!

gods lawsHere is an accounts that happened while I was residing in NZ. I was working in the Geriatric Hospital where elderly people/patients come in to be nursed and looked after, but hardly ever come out alive.

One day a new patient was sent to our ward. The main health professional told me that he had terminal malignancy and that he had only 2 even more weeks to live. He was laying in his bed completely pale; 1 / 2 of his face was covered having a bandage as the cancer had consumed up his upper jaw. The man had to be fed with a syringe and was on morphine. I actually avoided his contact for some times, as the sight of him triggered me discomfort and shudders.

But one afternoon I was told in order to feed him. As I was seated next to his bed a strong love for this man filled our heart and I had pity upon him. I asked him in case he would believe in Jesus and if I really could pray for him. He nodded and so I prayed for him within Jesus’ Name.

The next day I actually brought the “Handbook for Healing” by Charles and Frances Hunter with me plus prayed again for him based on the prayer guidelines for cancer ill people in this book.

After that will, whenever I saw the man, the bandage in his face was a bit smaller sized. After 2 weeks he was working by himself towards the dining area and feeding himself. Shortly later on he was dismissed and used in a normal rest home.

PRAISE OUR CREATOR! God performed this miracle for your man. I still remember their happy face. After prayer he or she was changed. He had trust. He grew stronger by the day. What a joy it was.

I believe that the particular man’s sickness was caused by a nature which held him captive.

In the meantime I was capable to minister to two other people with all the same prayer. Both of them obtained their healing. The power associated with God was there during plea and I noticed a change in both of these after prayer, but both of these individuals lost their healing because of unbelief or sin in their lives.

CANCER is a tumor that grows gradually through the body. It includes leukemia, lymphoma and other malignant tumors.

Here is the prayer for cancer ill people and how to minister:

one Bind and cast out the particular spirit of cancer.
2 . Curse the seed, root and tissue of the cancer.
3. Lay practical the affected area, commanding each cancer cell in the body to perish.
4. Command the bone tissue marrow to produce pure, healthy bloodstream.
5. Command healing to all internal organs and tissues affected and recovery of parts where necessary.
six. Command the body’s defensive “killer” cells to multiply and assault all cancer cells.

(Taken through the Handbook for Healing by Charles and Frances Hunter, Whitaker House, page 175)

Love in Christ,


Whilst the healing associated with our bodies is a promise associated with God – please keep in mind that the particular salvation of our souls or the spirits of others/loved ones is of maximum importance. We believe that a person should be born again, according to JOHN three or more: 3-5, “of water and of the Spirit” or he “cannot enter into the kingdom of God.”

ACTS 2: 38 “Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.”


Dear commenter, whilst I might wholeheartedly like to answer each and every plea request personally, the amount of prayer feedback makes this nearly impossible.

Please know that your own prayer request will be considered plus prayed for.

Some records: Jesus is the Healer and cures still today as He cured 2000 years ago.

Please be suggested and especially your loved ones to seek the LORD Jesus in the scriptures and to trust in His promises.

It is important to understand exactly what Jesus has done for you/us within the cross and to trust in His Redemption since sickness entered this world via sin and therefore repentance of bad thing is needed in our life.

Here are some publications about God’s healing. Many obtained healed even only by reading through them:

“Healing the Sick” by Capital t. L. Osborn,

“Healed of Cancer” by Dodie Osteen,

“What you say is what you get” by Don Gossett.

The healing power associated with Jesus Christ is still available for everyone today. Please see furthermore PROVERBS 4: 20-22: � *********************************************************) son, attend to my words; slope thine ear unto my WORDS. Let them not depart through thine eyes; keep THEM in the midst of thine

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