How To Use The Colour Green To Improve Your Life

prayers for forgivenessThe Colour Green-An Overview
Being from the Emerald Isle, I can tell you there are at least forty shades of natural; in fact I am still counting! Lush, peaceful and vibrant greens is visible around Ireland which gets lots of rain to keep those shades associated with green going and growing!

Green is a colour that is known to relaxed people down; it is soothing and may help people feel more harmonious.

These days of course it is the color which represents ecology and the color which is the symbol of people who are warriors for the environment.

Green is the colour that we observe second-most in the natural world, right after blue. This means that our understanding of it can make is a relaxing background in an interior environment.

The majority of our associations with green are usually positive with the exceptions of medical center green, slimy green and that type of off-white green that some people turn out to be just before they vomit!!

The Colour Green-In Your Environment
Green can also be associated with fertility and growth. This means that the right shade of natural could make some couples feel even more in tune with their fertility… therefore it could be perfect for a couple’s bed room.

Shades which fall into the range associated with olive greens are associated with serenity and aqua greens are connected with protection and emotional healing. For bedrooms these can work well and it is better to avoid the yellow shades of natural as these are more likely to interfere with a good nights sleep!

In fact in many beliefs the colour green is associated with reconstruction and resurrection. In Celtic Mythology the God of Fertility has been symbolised by green. Those along with green eyes are considered in some ethnicities to be mystical.

As green shows safety and makes people sense relaxed both physically and mentally, then it could work well in environments such as waiting around rooms and any spaces exactly where it is advantageous to have people more enjoyable than let’s say, motivated or sensation stressed.

So you could benefit from making use of green in:
• Bedroom
• A waiting room, but attempt to make is non-institutional
• Anywhere where there are people who need to stay calm
• Rooms which have to feel harmonious
• Rooms to wish to have a touch of nature

The Colour Green-In The Chakra System
The word chakra is a Sanskrit term which means wheel. According to some customs, we have a number of chakras in our bodies. These chakras move in a spiral disseminating energy and consciousness. If our own chakras are balanced your health ought to be very good, physically, emotionally, mentally plus spiritually.

Green is the colour from the fourth chakra which is also known as the coronary heart chakra.

It is found in the particular chest centre and it is meant to be an individual’s centre of love; being connected with both self love and like of others. When the heart chakra is usually functioning well the person will be understanding, loving and compassionate.

The Colour Green-Different Shades Mean Different Things
A darker shade of natural means money for many of us therefore we associate certain shades of the duller, dark green with financial institutions, prosperity and banking. Yet there is a refined change when we hit a certain tone of dark green, an emerald natural range of shades are often associated with pride, wealth and beauty.

An olive green is the traditional color of peace, whereas a yellowish green can be associated with jealousy, discord and sickness.

Overall the colour natural has an excellent potential healing strength, so pick a shade that works for the environment and if you are unsure, test that out firstly with an accessory like a throw on the sofa to see your feelings and if it makes you feel more caring and compassio

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