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god pleaseChristian-Wisdom. com aids you within your pursuit of understanding by providing a wealth associated with important and guiding verses through the Bible, as well as quotations by Christian scholars and other notable persons of the past. The Bible tells us, “Blessed is the man who finds wisdom, the man who gains understanding” (Proverbs 3: 13). The modern Christian has many sources available for providing assistance in the pursuit of understanding. Let Christian-Wisdom. com be one of yours, and may even our database of Bible passages and quotations inspire and show you.

Inspirational Christian Quote of the Day

One of our most popular functions is the inspirational quote of the day, associated with an inspiring picture. Many guests bookmark this page and check this each day for inspiration. Click within the link below to view today’s estimate or Bible verse of the day:
Inspirational Christian Quote of the Day

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Our database contains a broad treasure of wisdom and information. We have sorted them out there into fitting categories so that you can get around easily through them all. This is really a powerful source of guidence for you within your Bible study, as the modern Christian tends not to have time to study from the Bible as often as he or even she would like. We at Christian-Wisdom. com have done the work for you, collecting the Bible’s most important commandments, probably the most inspiring passages, the quotes with all the greatest relevance and offering in the deepest and most profound wisdom. Take advantage of this resource by discovering the links below.

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