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bible quotationsCongratulations! May you experience the joy of God’s blessing on your lives. You should be excited with your marriage dreams since there is freedom and confidence and take pleasure in knowing the mate of God’s selection, the one you will give your like and life commitment.

It’s excellent to know that God cares about the relationships, marriages and homes. Our Creator arranged the original wedding, provided the counsel, and performed the particular ceremony in the Garden of Eden. The first of Jesus’ miracles has been done at a wedding, showing His commitment to marriage and to assisting couples start married life well.

Genesis 2: 18 – The MASTER God said, “It is not great for the man to be alone. In the big event you loved this information as well as you desire to receive guidance about Forerunner nicely go to our own web site. I will create a helper suitable for him. ”

Genesis 2: 24 – For this particular reason a man will leave their father and mother and be united to their wife, and they will become one skin.

As ministers of Christ, His Church and His Word we all serve in many ways, and conducting wedding ceremonies is one of our greatest pleasures. After reading this, please call for an appointment along with one of the pastors to discuss your wedding requirements.

You are aware, as we are, that even though many marriages prosper for a lifetime, other people fall short of the anticipated joy plus beauty, and many come to divorce. Love and happiness in marriage aren’t accidents we fall into or away from, but are the results of two people knowing their God given responsibilities plus committing themselves to live as God intends.

We believe that premarital lawyer is essential for couples to have the optimistic start they need in marriage, to avoid the most common marital problems, to give assist and hope in solving problems, and to encourage Biblical principles as a means of life. Pre-marital counseling is going to be required. Kenosha Bible Church provides frequent pre-martial classes.

We, the particular ministry staff, are guided simply by God’s counsel that Christian believers are to marry one who “belongs to the Lord,” i. e. another spiritually reborn follower of Jesus Christ. [1 Corinthians 7:39 & 2 Corinthians 6:14] This means that both of you have come to some point in your lives where you have got placed your trust in Jesus Christ as your personal savior. If a person understand this, we’ll be truly very happy to explain it more fully.

We require all couples married via our church to be living the clean and honorable moral lifestyle before the wedding. A “living together” lifestyle, whilst culturally common, is contrary to Christian marriage values and morality. [1 Corinthians 6:9-11 & 2 Corinthians 12:21]

If one of you has been divorced, please plan to openly study plus discuss that issue with us. Remarriage may or may not be wise and is not always Biblically permissible.

We primarily perform wedding ceremonies for Kenosha Bible Church users and regular attenders who are dedicated followers of Jesus Christ. However, we also may marry from away from church those who are seeking a Christian ceremony to begin a Christian house. If you reside in this area after the wedding ceremony, we hope you will make this your cathedral home for worship, fellowship plus service.

A pastoral decision regarding performing a wedding also includes their personal calendar commitments and the accessibility to the church for the date required. A church facility policy can be obtained separate from this general pastoral wedding ceremony policy.

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