The Divine Powers Of Hawaiian Ti Leaves

gods lawsFrom ancient Hawaii up to this day the leaves from the Hawaiian Ti plant have been utilized for spiritual protection, purification and recovery.

From ancient Hawaii up to this very day the leaves of the Hawaiian Ti plant have been used for spiritual security, purification and healing. Ti Leaves are sacred to Lono, the particular Hawaiian god of fertility plus Laka, the goddess of Hula.

In ancient Hawaii Ti Leaves symbolized high rank and work powers. Only the Alii (royalty) and Kahunas (high priests) had been allowed to wear Ti leaves throughout their ceremonial rituals to ward off bad spirits and invoke the benefits of the gods.

In Hawaii Ti Leaves were and are still also utilized for many practical purposes, like covering food, making hula skirts plus weaving leis.

Many people within Hawaii, me included, plant the Ti leaf plant on every corner of their house for security, purification, blessings, and good luck.

Ti Leaves have a very special, intense mana (spiritual energy). I frequently choose 4 of the beautiful, shiny eco-friendly leaves. The number four has been considered sacred by ancient Hawaiians. Sometimes I surround myself along with 4 Ti Leaves during yoga. This always creates a feeling associated with resting within a sacred circle associated with divine light. At other times, I actually put them under certain objects or even pictures to invoke protection, filter, blessing or healing.

Carrying an item of a Ti Leaf on your entire body at all times is believed to provide defense against negative energies. Wearing a Ti Leaf lei brings good luck.

Bless your house with the powerful mana (spiritual energy) of Ti Leaves! They make beautiful decorations radiating an unique feeling of safety and security.

The sacredness of the Hawaiian Ti Leaves inspired the creation associated with Holokai, a Magical Hawaiian Menehune.

Here is part of Holokais tale:

Holokai (Sailor) is a little Menehune Keiki Kane (boy). Sailing their Waakaukahi (Canoe) in the gentle wind of Punaluu BlackSandsBeach is Holokais greatest pleasure. Out on the sea, his spirit connects with the serenity and serenity of the Hawaiian oceans. Holokai sails to the rhythm from the ocean where he always reaches a spot of deep inner stillness. In silence he communicates with character honoring the divinity in all life. Immerse yourself in Holokais mana (spiritual energy) of stillness and find out to live every moment of lifestyle joyously and to the fullest.

Holokais Tutu (grandmother) made the Ti Leaf Lei he wears about his neck and tied four more Ti leaves to the cruise of his canoe. It has been Tutus sacred gift of Aloha (Love) to her grandson. According in order to ancient Hawaiian beliefs, Ti simply leaves provide protection from all harm. Surrounded by Ti leaves, Holokai seems save and secure…

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