The Gift Of Gratitude

god is loveThe power of Gratitude is let loose when we are thankful for everything plus everyone in our lives – and am mean everything and everyone.

Surprise! The Season of Giving isnt over. As a matter of fact, its simply begun!

During 2006, you are able to come right here to receive 5 Gifts that are guaranteed to change your life. They are free for the receiving. However, the only way they will be of value for you is if you give them on normal basis. The Gifts – a good acronym for Gratitude, Intentions, Forgiveness, Tithing and Surrender – whenever given, will create a Consciousness associated with Wealth in every area of your life.

Are you ready to receive a whole new awareness, Then, please take the first Gift: Gratitude.

“Gratitude is the Gift of being thankful.” In residing an Abundant Life, giving this particular Gift becomes the prayer from the heart that opens your life towards the riches contained in it. So starts the chapter on this powerful Gift in my book 5 Gifts to have an Abundant Life. It is a wonderful religious practice that I invite you to declare as your first intention.

The strength of Gratitude is unleashed whenever we are thankful for everything and everybody in our lives – and I suggest everything and everyone. Why, Because out of an attitude of Gratitude, we create an “altitude” that to behold our lives. When we have been thankful, we are connecting with the coronary heart of a situation or person. Thus the act of being grateful provides us the wings to surpasse the personality or circumstance, plus live in the Love that is back again of it all. The truth is that it must be impossible to give the Gift of Gratitude and entertain any other feeling or even emotion at the same time.

“Thank you, God” (or “Spirit” or “Universe” or what ever you decide to call that Power that is more than we are) are three of the very most important words you can use during your time. By giving thanks – for that food you are about to eat; the particular traffic on the freeway; the impolite salesperson; your partner for a gift; your kid for helping you – you show a form of prayer that allows you to see the Divine in it all, and saving yourself from spending power on less desirable emotional reactions. What a way to live!

And, there is another bonus in giving this particular Gift of Gratitude. Giving nice what we would like more of in our lifestyles actually sets up the vibration associated with receptivity for that desire to manifest. By being grateful for that which has not really yet shown up in type, we “move from perceived limitations into the passion of possibilities, without attachment to ‘how’ our good is to be manifested,” I write within the 5 Gifts book. Its therefore simple.

And so I give you the Gift of Gratitude. Please accept this and remember; the way to increase its worth is to give it at every opportunity. You will soon realize a deep Truth: By giving this Gift you name your entire life the Blessing.

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