“The Story Of God And The Rowboat”

“There are as Many Paths Up the Mountain Towards Health and Healing as There are People”

prayers for forgivenessHere is a superb story a few man who wants God’s assist. And how this man is given assist—it goes like this.

Once there was an important flood in small midwest city. Houses had been washing away proper and left. And a person climbed on his roof and was praying to God out loud saying— “God please save me” over and over.

God Sent a Rowboat

Then a person in a rowboat got here by and mentioned, “Jump in before the water washes away the house and you die”. But the person sitting on the roof mentioned, “No God will save me”. And once more the person prayed out loud “God please save me”.

God Sent a Search and Rescue Boat

Then a really giant search and rescue boat come alongside and the coastguard crew threw the person a life preserver and mentioned “Swim over to the boat” and the person on the roof mentioned, “No God will save me”. And the person sitting on the roof went again to praying out loud “God please save me”.

God Sent a Helicopter

Then a rescue helicopter got here by and lowered a sling they usually yelled down. “Climb in and we will pull you up”. And once more the person mentioned “No God will save me”— so that they left.

And God Said

And then the rains began to pour down in buckets and the winds whipped wildly and the person on the roof prayed out loud once more “God please save me”. And God answered again with a booming voice saying “Well I first sent a rowboat and you refused to get in, then a sent a larger boat and you refused a second time, and then I sent a helicopter and you refused to climb in! And the man said, “But I wanted You to Save Me” and God mentioned, “I came three times but you refused every single time— you would not listen to Me”. And proper then the water washed the home away however Great Spirit plucked the person up and set him down on one other rooftop and mentioned, “Let us do this again”.

And that’s precisely what we’ve happening with the therapeutic of our physique, thoughts, and spirit. Sometimes medical doctors have the best reply so we are able to heal. Sometimes we discover alternative routes of therapeutic and thus we heal. Sometimes we’re healed by the facility of prayer, different instances by the facility of nice religion. Or by taking off and happening a soul’s journey, and extra methods of therapeutic. But each single time God, the Universe, and Great Spirit are there serving to us alongside the best way. But we should keep in mind our soul can by no means be damage, our soul is everlasting, and typically we’ve to return again to strive another time.

There are many paths up the mountain in the direction of well being and wellbeing.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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